How To Rent Equipment

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Explore our inventory, build your kit, and draft your request for a quote that’s tailored to your production.

Steps to Rent Equipment:


Select your gear

Browse our online selection and add your desired items to ‘Your List’.


Submit your request

Fill in your details and send us your rental request for a quote.


Receive your quote

We'll review your request and send you a personalized quote to confirm.

Once you've confirmed your quote, please fill out the forms below to finalize your rental. These must be completed prior to pick-up.

Credit Card Auth Form

Please ensure you fill out the Credit Card Authorization form to proceed with your request

Rental Agreement

Please ensure you fill out the Rental Agreement form to proceed with your request


For jobs requiring a Certificate of Insurance, please follow the link to find coverage options

Need assistance? We're here to help!

Not Sure What You Need?

Give us a call at


Important Details/Delivery Instructions?

Any important details, items you need, shipping addresses etc., simply add them to the ‘Extra Details’ section while submitting a rental quote

Already have a list?

If you already have a gear list or know what you need, please email us directly at

Need Insurance? We got you. is the premier online insurance portal for all types of production equipment, instruments & sound gear. Heffernan Insurance Brokers developed these specialty insurance programs after years of research in this space and has partnered with Intact Insurance to deliver comprehensive coverage at competitive premiums in the most efficient way possible.



When do I pay?

Payment is collected upon pickup of the gear. Credit Card Authorization and Rental Agreement must also be completed prior to pick-up.

How does pricing work?

Rates listed on the website are for a 1-day rental before sales tax.

How do weekend rentals work?

Weekend rentals (Friday afternoon pickup (1-5pm) & Monday morning return (9-10:30am) are billed as a 1-day rental.

How are week-long rentals billed?

Week long rentals (5-7 days) are billed as 3 days (i.e. pick-up Monday afternoon, return Friday morning = 3 days)

What if my shoot gets cancelled?

Shoot canceled? Please let us know ASAP so we can make the gear available to other clients.

Long-term rental pricing?

Renting longer than a week? Contact us for a quote!

Pickups & Returns

When can I pick-up my rental?

In-store customer pick-ups are schedule to be gathered between 1-5pm on the pick-up date found in your rental quote unless otherwise agreed upon.

When is my rental due back?

Rentals are to be returned NO LATER than 10:30 a.m. the day the rental is scheduled to be due back. Renter's are subject to an additional day of rental fees for each day the gear is not returned if not already previously arranged.

Need a rental delivered?

If you need a rental to be delivered and/or picked-up from production, please let us know when completing your wish list to have that arranged.


When do I need insurance?

For rentals with gear valued over $5,000 we will need a COI that names DC Camera as Loss Payee and Additionally insured.

What if my order doesn't require insurance?

For rentals with gear valued under $5,000, you can rent without insurance, but you are still responsible for any damage to equipment during the rental.

Are there insurance policy alternatives?

If the value of your gear is under $20,000, we may be able offer you a damage waiver in lieu of proper equipment rental insurance.